THE HOUSE(left to right): Oso, Golden Child, Sean Sylvester, AK Stackz, PC The Real, Dee Phr3sh, Chi-Go, Emmitt James, Mikey, Genesis Renji



IN FEBRUARY 2013, the House Of Renji was founded by Genesis Renji, Jaya Robinson, & Oby Nwabuzor. Created to be a platform for young artists and visionaries, the independent label has signed four emcees and two producers. Along with being the home for new creative minds, the House remains active within the community and youth of Milwaukee, frequently sponsoring events and donating to non-profits such as Mission10Eleven and True Skool, Inc. From music performances to community outreach and networking, the House is built upon the principle of respect. The phrase "Respect The House" is more than a motto, it's a mantra, a law, one that everyone who encounters this talented and inventive group of youth lives by.


As an independent company we strive to achieve success on our own as much as possible. We also know that there are companies who can help us achieve what we need in order to grow and complete our mission, as well as contribute to theirs. Below is a list of our partners who help make the House possible.

ooShirts: independent, custom shirt design and production company.

ooShirts: independent, custom shirt design and production company.


ooShirts is an independent manufacturing company that makes it possible to design and order custom shirts at an affordable rate. On top of high quality, numerous selections of content, they also provide speedy shipping and customer service. ooShirts is the powerhouse behind our HOUSEWEAR merchandise and clothing. They make what we wear a possibility. Click their logo and visit their site to start ordering your custom shirts now.