Emmitt James

With an unbridled passion in music, poetry, and fashion, Emmitt James is crafting a new sound with his proclaimed blues-hop. From performing at the legendary Brave New Voices to controlling crowds across the country for his Hunger Pains tour, James is cultivating a following and carving his own lane in this industry.

Genesis Renji; Emcee

genesis renji

Decorated in tattoos and charisma, Genesis Renji leads the House with his impeccable work ethic, versatile sound, and his unforgettable showmanship. With an extensive catalouge and a couple tours under his belt, Renji is on a mission to build the House into the flawless empire that he envisions it to be.

Golden Child; Producer

golden child

Daryl "Golden Child" Williams is the latest edition to the House and the first producer to be signed to the label. Already making his mark by producing the Dee Phr3sh banger "Problems", Golden Child is cultivating the House sound and solidifying his place in the music industry.