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Chi-Go; Director of Management

Jaya "Chi-go" robinson

Co-Founder, Director of Management

JAYA Q. ROBINSON is currently seeking a bachelors degree in Advertising with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Marquette University. She works with different non-for-profits around the city of Milwaukee and is always looking for ways to do more to give back. She has been working as the Director of Management for the House of Renji since establishment in 2013. Her main goal for the House is to make sure that every member of the illustrious LLC reaches their full potential in whatever they are deemed fit; her ultimate goal is to be a school principal. 


Oso; Director of Marketing & Branding

Oby "Oso" Nwabuzor

Co-Founder, Director of Marketing & Branding

OBY T. NWABUZOR has a BA in Communication with a concentration in Organizational Communication & Kinesiology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Initially wanting to pursue a career tailored towards health care administration, her passion for the community and experienced expertise in business has pointed her in a new direction. Oby has been working as the Director of Marketing & Branding for the House since 2013, and has recently been instated as the Executive Community Operations Director for Milwaukee non-profit Mission10Eleven. As she looks to pursue her MBA, her goals for the House are to continue being a platform for artistic and innovative minds, while building her career in community relations and development.


Educational & Community Outreach Coordinato

michaela "mikey" murry

Educational & Community Outreach Coordinator

MICHAELA J. MURRY, also known as the poet "Mikey Cody Apollo", is currently pursuing a degree in Community Engagement & Education at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has been working as the Educational & Community Outreach Coordinator for House of Renji since September of 2015. Her main goal for The House is to use music and art as tools to encourage and educate the youth, especially in her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her ultimate goal is to be a professor.

When she's not watching episodes of "The Walking Dead", Mikey is more than likely singing off-key, reading black feminist articles, or updating her Facebook status for the sixth time that day.